About Us

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Our Vision drives a crystal clear mission

At IrisCall, our main focus is all about creating a positive change.

We believe that a company is the sum of all its parts...

And we believe... that all those parts separately should have a clear focus.

IrisCall is company dedicated to developing human potential. We see ourselves as partners of our members and our customers. It's our mission to offer people creative and innovative solutions that improve their lives.

In this way we strive for more freedom, quality time and lifestyle, all of which result in better health for everyone. We all know your greatest wealth is your health. That's why we encourage others to develop themselves personally and professionally, so they can help others to do the same.



At IrisCall, we’ll always put you in pole position.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a consumer, own a business or belong to an organization, we will always provide you with an excellent communication experience. We bring you state of the art technologies and social networking media - all along providing exceptional service.

We are transforming the way consumers, businesses and organizations communicate and collaborate with their families, customers, employees and business partners.

By targeting all of our clients’ needs and wishes, we continually strive to provide lasting value for all the stakeholders.

We develop user-friendly and powerful communication tools and services, covering a broad spectrum of applications.


IrisCall was founded as a collaborative effort between seasoned marketers and top software engineers from the Communications industry. In our ongoing journey we strive for worldwide expansion, following a well-defined path.

IrisCall has a clear-cut business strategy, based on the co-operative model to facilitate global expansion.

We're laser-focused on building the People's Web !